A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Moving Platforms 2 is a first-person platformer game. It has platforms that move, rotate and scale. The goal is to get to the top of the map.


- Platform: You can stand on the Platform

- Ghost: The Ghost is a Grey platform that the player can fall across

- Elevator: The Elevator move up and down and helps the player to get up on the map.

- Rotator: The Rotator rotates around the middle axis.

- Scalor: The Scalor scales in one direction.

- Blinker: The Blinker disappears every other second

- Slider: The Slider is rotating around the longer axis form 30 to -30 back to 30...

- Switcher: The Switcher is 1 sec on the 1. place and 1 sec on the 2. place. It's like 2 Blinkers

- 360 Shaker: The 360 Shaker rotates around the longest axis in one single direction.

- Collider Box: The Collider Box switches between 2 States: State 1: A Platform State 2: A Ghost. 1 State is during 1 sec.


moving-platforms-2-linux.zip 24 MB
moving-platforms-2-windows.zip 21 MB
moving-platforms-windows(demo).zip 18 MB
moving-platforms-linux(demo).zip 23 MB

Install instructions

-Download the  file for your operating sytem

-Open your file explorer and extract the files

-Open the folder and run the game.